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2005/2006 Charities
  1. AFC Mentoring
  2. Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention
  3. Amherst Early Music Inc.
  4. Arlington Center for the Arts
  5. Association of Blind Citizens, Inc.
  6. Autism Alliance of MetroWest, Inc.
  7. Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue Team, Inc.
  8. Boston Baroque
  9. Boston Children's Theatre
  10. Boston City Singers
  11. Boston Cyberarts
  12. Boston Digital Bridge Foundation
  13. Boston Minstrel Company
  14. Boston Museum Project
  15. Cambridge Community Television
  16. The Carson Center (merged with Abilities Unlimited of Western New England)
  17. The Central Square Theater
  18. The Charity Guild, Inc.
  19. Child Care Resource Center, Inc.
  20. Children's Museum at Holyoke
  21. Children's Museum in Easton
  22. Close to Home Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative, Inc.
  23. Community Foundation for Nantucket
  24. Copley Society of art
  25. The Dance Complex
  26. The Dianne DeVanna Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
  27. Dismas House of Massachusetts
  28. Domestic Violence Services of Central Middlesex, Inc.
  29. Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  30. El Hogar Ministries, Inc.
  31. Falmouth Artists Guild Inc.
  32. First Literacy (formerly Boston Adult Literacy Fund)
  33. First Night, Inc.
  34. Food For Free Committee, Inc.
  35. Foundation for New Directions
  36. FSH Society, Inc.
  37. Fuller Craft Museum
  38. Global Health through Education, Training and Service
  39. Good Sports
  40. Gray House, Inc.
  41. The Green Roundtable
  42. Habitat PLUS, Inc.
  43. Hattie B. Cooper Community Center
  44. Hawthorne Youth and Community Center, Inc.
  45. Housatonic River Initiative
  46. Human Rights Education Associates, Inc.
  47. Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion
  48. Institute for Community Economics
  49. Japan Society of Boston
  50. Jericho Road Project
  51. The Jett Foundation
  52. Julie's Family Learning Program
  53. Lazarus House Ministries
  54. Lighthouse Academies, Inc.
  55. The Lionheart Foundation, Inc.
  56. Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, Inc.
  57. Longwood Symphony Orchestra
  58. Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Inc.
  59. Massachusetts Health Council
  60. More Than Words (formerly Teen LEEP, Inc.)
  61. The New England Botanical Club, Inc.
  62. New Repertory Theatre
  63. North Bennet Street School
  64. Pilgrim Hall Museum
  65. Planned Learning Achievement for Youth, Inc.
  66. Plymouth Antiquarian Society
  67. Preservation Worcester
  68. Provincetown Art Association and Museum
  69. Public Conversations Project
  70. Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
  71. Roxbury Preparatory Charter School
  72. Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation, Inc.
  73. Seeds of Solidarity Education Center Inc.
  74. The Sharing Foundation
  75. Sheffield Historical Society
  76. Sheffield Land Trust
  77. Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program
  78. SquashBusters
  79. Suzuki School of Newton
  80. TechBoston for TechBoston Consulting Group
  81. TeenAIDS-PeerCorps, Inc.
  82. Teens for Technology
  83. Three Bays Preservation, Inc.
  84. Triveni School of Dance, Inc.
  85. United Teen Equality Center, Inc.
  86. Urban Improv
  87. The Vineyard Energy Project, Inc.
  88. VSA arts of Massachusetts
  89. Western Massachusetts Enterprise Fund, Inc.
  90. Women's Bar Foundation of Massachusetts
  91. The Writers' Room of Boston, Inc.
  92. Young Audiences of Massachusetts

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Children's Museum in Easton


P.O. Box 417, 9 Sullivan Avenue
North Easton, MA 02356

Paula Peterson, Executive Director

Donate Now to Children's Museum in Easton


In 1986, four mothers looked at Eastonís historic Old Fire Station and saw it as a perfect site for a childrenís museum. The Town supported the vision, and CME opened in 1991. Interactive exhibits, programs and special events annually attract more than 37,000 visitors. A hands-on ZOOMzone, inspired by the popular PBS math and science kidsí show, motivates experimental and creative thinking in multitasking stations; it is so successful that a pilot program, run by Museum teaching staff, is spreading it into area schools. Kidsclinic, which helps children become comfortable in a medical setting, persuaded Blue Cross & Blue Shield to sponsor a year-long family health and safety program. The Museum is currently raising funds to launch a three-year project with the Boys and Girls Club of Brockton. Donorsí contributions can support particular educational projects, or free museum memberships and passes to foster families, local homeless shelters, agencies and organizations. Hereís an example of how philanthropy can create a fresh, new idea for the Brockton area, which then keeps on giving as innovation sparks further innovations. Brockton needs them all, and if you join in, you can be sure your gift will be leveraged.

(2005: CULTURE: Education: Informal: General)

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