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2006/2007 Charities
  1. Acre Family Day Care
  2. Adolescent Consultation Services
  3. Affordable Housing and Services Collaborative, Inc.
  4. African Food and Peace Foundation
  5. America SCORES New England
  6. Arcadia Players
  7. Arts & Business Council
  8. ArtsBoston
  9. Asian Community Development Corporation
  10. Association to Preserve Cape Cod
  11. BELL Foundation
  12. Beyond the 11th
  13. Birthday Wishes
  14. Blue Hill Observatory Science Center
  15. Boston Arts Academy
  16. Boston Cares
  17. Boston Digital Bridge Foundation
  18. Boston Early Music Festival
  19. Boston Health Care and Research Training Institute
  20. Boston Learning Center
  21. Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  22. Boston Preparatory Charter Public School
  23. Boston Scholars Program, Inc.
  24. Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra
  25. Build the Out-of-School Time Network
  26. Camp Howe
  27. Camp Starfish
  28. Cape Cod Stranding Network
  29. The Center for Arts in Natick
  30. The Center for Independent Documentary
  31. Center for Women & Enterprise
  32. Charles River Watershed Association
  33. Children's Charter/Key
  34. The Children's Room Center for Grieving Children and Teenagers
  35. Chorus pro Musica
  36. CitySprouts
  37. Common Impact
  38. Community Access to the Arts
  39. The Community Family
  40. Community Health Center of Cape Cod (formerly Cape Cod Free Clinic & Community Health Center)
  41. Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, Inc.
  42. Community Music Center of Boston
  43. Configuration
  44. Constellation Charitable Foundation
  45. Cooperative Fund of New England
  46. Discovering Justice
  47. The Discovery Museums
  48. Duxbury Bay Maritime School
  49. Edith Wharton Restoration
  50. Elizabeth Stone House
  51. EMERGE
  52. Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts
  53. Environmental League of Massachusetts
  54. Everybody Wins! Metro Boston
  55. Families First Parenting Programs
  56. Family Diversity Projects
  57. Family-to-Family Project
  58. The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets
  59. Food Project
  60. Greater Boston Chapter of National Spinal Cord Injury Association
  61. greenGoat
  62. Groundwork Lawrence
  63. Hale Reservation
  64. Higgins Armory Museum
  65. Historic Winslow House
  66. Human Rights Education Associates, Inc.
  67. International Medical Equipment Collaborative
  68. Island Affordable Housing Fund
  69. Jane Doe Inc.
  70. José Mateo's Ballet Theatre
  71. Joy of Music Program
  72. Lighthouse Preservation Society
  73. Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program
  74. Lowell Canalwaters Cleaners
  75. Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust
  76. Lowell Wish Project
  77. Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation
  78. The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
  79. Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
  80. Maria Mitchell Association
  81. Mass Mentoring Partnership
  82. Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
  83. Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
  84. The Massachusetts Review
  85. MATCH School
  86. MetroLacrosse
  87. Multi-Service Center
  88. National Education for Assistance Dog Services
  89. National Marine Life Center
  90. Neurofibromatosis, Inc., Northeast
  91. New Communities Services
  92. New England Complex Systems Institute
  93. New England Learning Center for Women in Transition
  94. New England Wild Flower Society
  95. New England Wildlife Center
  96. New Repertory Theatre
  97. ONE Lowell
  98. Paraclete Center
  99. Paul Revere Memorial Association
  100. The Pendulum Project
  101. Penikese Island School
  102. Plymouth Antiquarian Society
  103. Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project
  104. Primary Source, Inc.
  105. Prometheus Dance
  106. Providers' Council
  107. Provincetown Art Association and Museum
  108. Provincetown Arts Press
  109. radKIDS
  110. REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
  111. Reach Out and Read
  112. S.A.F.E. Studio
  113. Salem Harbor CDC
  114. SATELLIFE: Communicating To Save Lives
  115. Save the Harbor/Save the Bay
  116. Science Club for Girls
  117. Shirley Eustis House Association
  118. Snappy Dance Theater
  119. Social Capital
  120. Somerville Community Corporation
  121. Springstep
  122. Starlight Children’s Foundation of New England
  123. Stop It Now!
  124. A Suitable Image, Inc.
  125. Summer Search
  126. Teen Voices
  127. Tower Hill Botanic Garden
  128. Trauma Intervention Program of Merrimack Valley
  129. Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill
  130. The Urban Culinary Foundation
  131. Urban Ecology Institute
  132. Urban Improv
  133. Victim Rights Law Center
  134. Vilna Shul, Boston's Center for Jewish Culture
  135. Visual Understanding in Education
  136. The Volunteer Family
  137. WalkBoston
  138. Women's Lunch Place
  139. Woods Hole Research Center
  140. World Computer Exchange
  141. Young Entrepreneurs Alliance
  142. Young Savants
  143. Youth Enrichment Services

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Stop It Now!


351 Pleasant St., #B-319
Northampton, MA 01060
413-587-3500 ext. 1

Deborah Donovan Rice, Executive Director

Donate Now to Stop It Now!


Stop It Now! is a national program founded in 1992, seeking to prevent childhood sexual abuse. Because most abusers are more powerful individuals whom the children know and trust, relying solely on children to prevent abuse cannot succeed. The only alternative for prevention is to teach adults and communities about the issue, and persuade them to take responsibility for it. But how? The problem is immense — only 12% of childhood rapes are reported, 500,000 cases of abuse occur nationally every year, 25% of girls and 15% of boys are sexually abused, and 40-50% of cases are perpetrated by minors on minors. The problem involves all socio-economic classes, races, and ethnicities. What can be done? First, getting the word out that prevention is a necessary element in all child and family welfare programs; Now! speaks to professional, government and civic groups, providing and disseminating information resources. Second, developing prevention programs for widespread adoption by communities; NOW! has created a Vermont model program involving facilitated public discussions for victims, recovering offenders, and families; and practical workshops for staff of sexual violence programs. This is uphill work; the problem is not solved. But you can support those who are working to solve it.

(2006: HUMAN SERVICES: Children and Youth: General)

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