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2008/2009 Charities
  1. Abby Kelley Foster House, Inc.
  2. Acme Theater Productions, Inc.
  3. Actors' Shakespeare Project
  4. Affordable Housing and Services Collaborative, Inc.
  5. A Baby Center
  6. Barnstable Land Trust, Inc.
  7. Beacon Academy
  8. Bird Street Community Center
  9. Boston Musica Viva
  10. The Bostonian Society d/b/a Boston Historical Society
  11. Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence
  12. Cape Cod Children's Museum
  13. Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston
  14. Chernobyl Children Project USA, Inc.
  15. Citizens for Juvenile Justice
  16. Community Boating Center, Inc.
  17. Community Outreach Group, Inc.
  18. The Community Software Lab, Inc
  19. Crispus Attucks Children's Center
  20. Diabetes Association Inc.
  21. Employment Options, Inc.
  22. Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston
  23. Forward in Health
  24. Framingham History Center
  25. Generation Rwanda, Inc. (Formerly Orphans of Rwanda, Inc.)
  26. Gloucester Stage Company
  27. Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program, Inc.
  28. Ibis Reproductive Health
  29. Jones Library ESL Center
  30. Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly
  31. Martha’s Vineyard Donors Collaborative
  32. Mass Humanities
  33. Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition, Inc.
  34. Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors
  35. Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair, Inc. (MSSEF)
  36. MissionSAFE: A New Beginning, Inc.
  37. MMAS, Inc.
  38. New England Forestry Foundation, Inc.
  39. People Making a Difference through Community Service, Inc.
  40. Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
  41. Pro-Choice Massachusetts Foundation
  42. The Progeria Research Foundation, Inc.
  43. Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence/Third Sector New England
  44. South Coast Chamber Music Society
  45. Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership, Inc.
  46. Springfield Symphony Orchestra
  47. Strategies for Children, Inc.
  48. SuAsCo Watershed Community Council
  49. The Theater Offensive
  50. Theatre Espresso
  51. Urban Edge Housing Corporation
  52. World Connect (formerly Infante Sano)

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Philanthropy Reconsidered
Private Initiatives -- Public Good -- Quality of Life
by George McCully, August 2008

A re-interpretation and strategic overview of philanthropy--its meaning and values, greatest accomplishments, current transformations, and future directions.



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    1. "Promethean Fire: the Archetype" -- in ancient Greece, "the love of humanity", or of what it is to be human--an educational and cultural ideal;

    2. "Philanthropy's Finest Hour: the American Revolution" -- the Revolution as philanthropy in action--how Classical philanthropy through voluntary associations produced a "purportedly philanthropic nation";

    3. "Philanthropy Yesterday and Today" -- how 20th-century growth and professionalization made philanthropy paradigmatic, but neglected Classical values, and how we are now in a paradigm-shift, in which philanthropy is being transformed by computers and the Internet, the globalization of the American economy, and new demographics of wealth.

    4. "The Future of Philanthropy" -- how the paradigm-shift analysis illuminates issues facing Old Paradigm institutions, and current trends suggesting a probable future;

    5. "Philanthropy Reborn" -- how a possible New Paradigm, uniting Classical ideals with Internet-based operations, might benefit donors, grantmakers, philanthropic advisors, trustees, executive directors, scholars, media journalists, teachers and students.
    George McCully has had two careers--first for 20 years as professor of European history, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment; then for 25 years as professional philanthropist--fundraiser, strategic planner, executive director, trustee, and advisor to charities, foundations, families and individual donors. In 1997 he created the highly respected and influential Massachusetts Catalogue for Philanthropy, to promote charitable giving and strengthen the culture of philanthropy through donor-education. Mailed annually to 120,000 affluent households statewide, with articles about philanthropy supported by descriptions of (in twelve years) over 900 charities, the cumulative Catalogues are today the most thorough and detailed description, defense, and advocacy of philanthropy ever published (www.cfp-ma.org)

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